One toe slip away from toilet paper cozies

There are two things I am obsessed with. Okay, maybe more than two things, but the trapeze, my cats and maraschino cherries aren’t relevant here. What is relevant are wool and mason jars. I love them both and use them whenever possible.

I don’t give many gifts for Christmas, but I have two cousins that I’ve always been close to and reconnect with when we see each other at family holidays. Knowing I would see them, I bought some of my favorite tea and put it in two small jars. Of course, it was a little last minute, and I’d underestimated the amount of tea I should have bought. Or the size of the jar. Either way, too much jar, not enough tea. With an hour until I had to head out the door, I used some leftover yarn to make two small cozies for the jars:

Of course, I then needed to make some for myself. I made three, two small, one large, to hold loose tea and coffee on my kitchen table:

Being insulating, and all, they also turn a mason jar into a mug:

When I have the time, I want to make myself a whole set of them as winter drinkware, and they will make me smile every time I open my cabinets and see them all lined up, wooly and colorful.


One comment

  1. These are AWESOME!!! Would you be willing to explain a little bit more how you did this to a very begginer? Thanks in advance. By the way, I found this on Pinterest šŸ™‚

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