Experiments in Christmas Trees

Christmas always seems to sneak up on me. I avoid malls like the plague as a general rule and I favor mix tapes (or their iPod equivalent? But “playlist” is much less satisfactory) over the radio, so without finals to study for and and a count down to winter break, it feels like I just looked up and realized it’s Christmas Eve in two days. Eesh.

This is my second Christmas living in my studio apartment, and it’s a space I really enjoy decorating. Last year, I went the very traditional route with a giant Douglas Fir. We’d always had an artificial tree when I was growing up, so having a real tree in my space for the first time was a novelty. It was also kind of a pain in the ass. Though a very pretty pain in the ass:

See that little swath of white in the bottom right corner? That would be my bed. Weekly sheet washings nonewithstanding, I kept finding needles in my sheets for months. Plus it was kind of pricey, and getting it out of my apartment was this huge, messy ordeal.

So this year, I wanted to simplify a little. My initial idea was to gather a bunch of branches in the corner and decorate them. Clearly, my sense of proportion is completely off in the wild, though, because the branch I dragged inside is substantial. It pretty much took up all the floor space in the middle of my apartment while I figure out what to do with it. Now that it’s situated and decorated, though, I’m completely in love:


I decorated with the lights and some of the balls from the year prior, plus a selection of my vintage silverware collection.

Happy DIY Holidays, everyone.



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